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cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan, huangshan paiyun travel is a super mid-range theme lifestyle hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is a young collection brand with sports health, arts and humanities, and a variety of life possibilities for parents and children. Huangshan cloud platoon brigade will be upgraded in December 2018, and will be put into trial operation in December 2020. After the transformation, there are 141 guest rooms, including more than 10 kinds of room types, such as Deluxe Suite, family suite, parent-child viewing room, deluxe viewing room, deluxe standard room, star room, three person walk, senior standard room, preferential standard room, capsule room, etc., and multiple indoor and outdoor shared interactive experience areas, such as multimedia space, interactive experience area, star living room, etc. The company aims to provide a lighter and more unrestrained living atmosphere for 'travel home', help tourists to understand and appreciate the mountains, establish the relationship between human and nature, and provide a relaxed, happy and free, natural and healthy lifestyle for every passenger. Mount Huangshan Pai Yun brigade is located in the elite scenic spot of Mount Huangshan, next to Danxia peak and Pai Yun Pavilion in the West Sea Scenic Area. Right next to the West Sea Grand Canyon is the ideal place to see sunrise, watch sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and explore the canyon. It is also a shortcut for tourists from Beihai scenic spot to the West Sea Grand Canyon, flying rock, Guangming top and other scenic areas, adjacent to the Taiping cableway, and the traffic is very convenient. Therefore, it has a good reputation of 'the mountains are full of ups and downs, the sea of clouds is like Penglai Fairy Island, the valleys are roaring, the pines are surging, and it is suspected that if you meet the Japanese dragon, you will be able to eliminate the clouds'.
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FAQs when booking at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan
  • How far is the hotel from HuangshanTunxi International Airport?

    cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • claira
    The room is clean and tidy. It's nice to live in. It's a little cold at night. Fortunately, the room has a down jacket. It's very considerate to use it when you go out
  • e00292420
    There is such a hotel on the top of the mountain. It's very good. The food tastes very good.
  • garibaldi
    The environment is good, and the road is not very far. It's very close to Xihai Grand Canyon. It's very convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset at Danxia peak.
  • linmoda
    You Huang is the best place to stay at sunrise. The conditions are OK, but it's a little expensive.
  • wuyong_xy
    Accommodation at the top of the mountain is inevitably expensive. Health and service are OK. But it doesn't feel as good as Shilin. The advantage is that it's very close to the hotel from Taiping cableway( But it needs to see if your tour arrangement is appropriate.
  • finleyWu
    One of the better hotels on the mountain. It's convenient for Guangming to stay here in the morning. There are also down jackets for guests to wear when they go up the mountain. They are considerate and considerate.
  • AnsonTin
    On the top of Huangshan Mountain, the location is good. Take a rest at noon, and then go to the Grand Canyon. After the rail car comes up, go to Guangming top to see the sunset. Go back quickly after sunset. It's getting dark on the mountain. Dinner can be in the hotel restaurant, and the price is not unreasonable.
  • e02147026
    not so bad
  • JOJO516
    There are only bedding in the room. There are additional charges for toiletries. Bedding is not changed for one guest. Instead, there is hot water to take a bath, towels to rent, and free down jackets in the cabinet
  • mandy2000
    Good. It's good to have such conditions at the top of the mountain.
  • e03151243
    The scenery on the mountain is good
  • e02768303
    It's ok as a whole. The four little partners were originally two men and two women. Because there are many rooms for four people, we can live together. It's more convenient. There are no outsiders and more freedom. One person 121, compared with other types, is still cost-effective. The noon meal in the hotel is more expensive, because it is a scenic spot, which is understandable. Four people order together, about 40 yuan a meal. It tastes good. The door of the bathroom in the room is not very good. It didn't open in the morning. It's a waste of time. The geographical location is good and worth recommending.
  • m00076387
    It's a good deal to talk about the price of the season
  • fjdifeng
    Annual vacation to travel, paiyunlou Hotel, considerate service, beautiful surrounding environment, the best distance to the Grand Canyon.
  • sy6356
    The room is big and comfortable. When you live on the third floor, you have to close the window, because the window is the roof and connects with the surrounding rooms. It's very close to the entrance of the West Sea Grand Canyon. You should go to Danxia peak to see the sunrise in the paiyun building, but Danxia peak didn't go because you were too tired. Therefore, I don't know whether it's convenient, but if you go to Guangming top from paiyun building, it's a little far away. The scenic spots from paiyun building to Houshan are relatively convenient. It is very close to the north entrance of Xihai Grand Canyon, but it is far away from paiyun building by rail car from the Grand Canyon. You have to climb over the Guangming top. If you live on the back mountain and under the front mountain for more than one day, you should think clearly. We live on the back mountain and under the front mountain for two nights and turn the bright top twice in two days. If it's a one-day trip, it doesn't matter. Go to Danxia peak to see the sunrise in the morning, then go to the West Sea, come up from the West Sea, and go down the mountain from Haixin Pavilion.
  • wang112111
    The environment is good, but the room is average, but it's the only price
  • nancytanna
  • lilyyang
    just so so
  • NN999
    It has a geographical advantage. Everything on the mountain is relatively expensive, so some equipment such as toothbrush and air conditioner are not available. However, because it is on the mountain, it is very cool and there is no air conditioner at all.
  • ipmor2000
    It's clean and has heating. Don't expect anything else. The food is super expensive. Breakfast 32 is a set meal, but when you see that the porters pick it up, you think it's actually expensive. It's convenient to climb to Danxia peak for 15 minutes to see the sunrise
  • Emillias
    It is close to paiyunlou and Xihai scenic area. The key to accommodation in Huangshan is to see the itinerary. If you want to go to paiyunlou and Xihai the next day, this is a good choice. If you want to go to Guangmingding to watch the sunrise and sunset, it is recommended to live in other places.
  • Rocco
    Those who have booked beds have finally changed to standard rooms in the store. The beds are a little afraid to live. The quilt looks very dirty!
  • dandan1016
    The hotel is not bad. It's good to have such a hotel in Huangshan, but it's a little expensive.
  • joycefang99
    It's a good location. It's just a small room, but it's enough to have such conditions at the top of the mountain.
  • dcyx20030908
    Good conditions at the top of the mountain! The scenery is very good! The sunrise is beautiful!
  • jamie_feng
    The hotel can walk to Danxia peak for 20 minutes to see the sunrise and sunset. However, the top of Danxia peak has been closed and can only be seen on the middle platform. There are many people. In addition, the hotel does not provide washing supplies other than soap, which is a bit of a pit. The hotel provides down coats for watching the sunrise. In the past summer, there was no need to bring extra clothes.
  • BigApple
  • yifenyingbi
    The room smells moldy, and the quilt is dry. In the mountains can not be too high, but Huangshan accommodation prices are still very high
  • jt007967
    Environment is really not good, ventilation is a big problem, dehumidifier open 3 hours full of water, but still very wet!
  • geyin
    The hotel is the closest to Danxia peak and Xihai Grand Canyon, with the best geographical location. The sanitation of the three rooms in the standard room is OK. The three rooms can smell fishy smell occasionally. They don't have it after careful search. It's only 15 minutes to watch the sunrise in the morning, but it's still a little difficult for people who have climbed all day yesterday, because they go up the mountain after all. The higher the sunrise, the better. The most important thing is that the line of sight is not blocked. A down jacket is prepared in the room, which can be worn when watching the sunrise in the morning.
  • elwin
    The surrounding environment is very beautiful!
  • is1984
    I lived here more than ten years ago, and I feel very kind
  • Ariel577
    The hotel on the mountain is a four-star hotel, but the facilities are a little old,
  • lewane
    The hotel environment is hehe, but it's OK compared with 701 Hotels with flavor in these halls. The hotel has no air conditioning and WiFi. Please be prepared. It's clean and hygienic. It's all wet. The worst thing is the attitude of the service staff. They answer the phone late and answer questions carelessly. Put down the phone. The hotels in the scenic spot are all national images and business cards. We must do a good job. After all, we spent money on the presidential suite at the foot of the mountain, but we stayed in a hotel that doesn't even have a three-star hotel.
  • robinren
    The food was ok, though expensive.
  • edward0812
    The end of the quilt is black, the bed sheet and quilt cover are yellow, there is only one dehumidifier in the room, there is no air conditioning and heating, friends who go in autumn or winter should pay attention to it, it will be cold! Close to Danxia peak, it is said that you can see the sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, Danxia peak is closed and can't go up.
  • lucynie
    As a room in the scenic area, it's quite good. Good environment, very comfortable water and heat!
  • eugene0831
    Not bad, but the location is a little biased. It still depends on where to go up the mountain. The route should be arranged well
  • aifeideliyou
    Although it's a four-star hotel, it's still a lot worse than similar hotels at the foot of the mountain. Fortunately, the location is better and the service attitude is still good. It's very good to be able to take a hot bath and watch the sunrise in the morning. It's just that there's no wireless network in the room and it needs to be improved.
  • T sets of small Houye
    Although the price is high, it's OK on the whole.
  • jancecey
    Close to Xihai Grand Canyon and Danxia peak, I get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, I don't see the sunrise. It's convenient to go to Danxia peak directly from the back of the hotel. The hotel also provides coats to see the sunrise, which is a very good humanized service
  • anitaly
    The location is very good. It's not far from Danxia peak to watch the sunrise and sunset. The hotel has a food street, so it's very convenient to eat. It's a good choice to live in the mountains
  • triller
    The hotel is very good. Although the room is small, it is clean and convenient. The hotel didn't notice in advance that danxiafeng couldn't watch the sunrise in the morning. As a result, it got up early but didn't see anything
  • e00084728
    It's OK to upgrade to haobiao. The toilet in my friend's standard room stinks. The windows are close to the corridor. I dare not open the windows. It's very poor. The service is average. Ordering at noon tastes good. Fast food for dinner is expensive in the mountains
  • geton
    The upper and lower bunks, a room for six people, is so small. There are no towels and toiletries. It's OK to make do for one night on the mountain
  • BiG19
    I can only say that the location is really good, but the service is very poor. The room specifications are inconsistent, and the customer's feedback is not good!
  • consweiller
    The room is clean, the hot water is very big, it's convenient to go to the Xihai Grand Canyon, the catering is OK, high praise!
  • e00114037
    At the front desk, the hotel attendants have a very good attitude. At first sight, it's a state-owned cancer
  • airsong
    The location of the hotel is general. The standard room is very small, and the bed is small and not firm. It is dark against one wall. The three rooms are better. It depends on the scenery and light.
  • aa365619914
    Two big bed rooms with more than 600 beds were ordered. After arriving at the store, they were divided into two at the end of the corridor. Although there are windows, they face the corridor wall. They belong to the house type that does not see sunshine all year round. They are cold, humid, airless and uncomfortable. They will not choose here in the future.
  • ninoable
    Hotel living room facilities are good, WiFi signal is very good, indoor alone Wei can only say not bad, after all, the room is small, we should pay attention to moisture-proof. The location is good. It's very convenient to see the sunrise under Danxia peak, and it's near Xihai Grand Canyon..
  • biosong
    150 beds can't be too much. Make complaints about the poor reception service, ask him if the hotel can set up a tent, say no, let me go to Beihai Hotel, and comrades who have been to Mount Huangshan know how far it is between Beihai and paiyun Lou. Later, I took it at the Xihai hotel. The security guard was much more enthusiastic. The charge of 30 yuan was reasonable and hot water was also provided. If you want to go to Huangshan Hotel, you'd better book Xihai hotel
  • andrewy_yu
    Nice hotel
  • MarcJacobs
    The air in the room without windows is very bad, but the price on the top of Huangshan Mountain is not good. The hot water is very hot and the bath is comfortable
  • abcsjc
    Good hygiene, no air conditioning, good location, old facilities
  • ggs009
    Very good overall, very cost-effective
  • e02881899
    The room is very clean, but the standard room at this price is on the second floor, so you can't see the scenery outside.
  • Guest-Far
    not bad
  • E01721323
    It's a multi person single bathroom. The room is relatively narrow and does not provide bath supplies. Only the lobby has WiFi, but that's the cheapest accommodation in the mountain. The hot water is very good. You can take a very comfortable hot bath. It's close to Danxia peak.
  • ajmm100
    During the national day, I was afraid of being crowded and didn't go to Huangshan Mountain. I specially chose the first weekend after the national day. The hotel is located close to [Yungu cableway] (when climbing from the South Gate of Huangshan Mountain, it can be understood as the end of the journey). Due to the influence of the rising position of the sun in the season, I couldn't enjoy (Sunrise) the next day after staying in the hotel, Because the mountain peak close to the hotel should be suitable for observing the sunrise in summer. The sunrise position shifts at the end of October, and there is no sunrise. The sunrise can be seen only 2 hours in advance (about 4 o'clock, one and a half hours). I hope it will be helpful to the later travelers. The hotel is generally OK. The price is definitely expensive (all goods should be picked up by porters). I hope you should be prepared.
  • Apolo99999
    There were people sleeping outdoors under the room. At more than 3 o'clock, they were awakened by two men talking loudly. The room was not air-conditioned and couldn't get used to sleeping. The handsome man at the service desk was very refreshing. We checked out and checked in our luggage for free
  • fionnijia
    The hotel environment is good, the service is also good, but the bed is smaller, and there is no hair dryer on the four-star hotel.
  • Antares
    The environment is good. It's good to watch sunrise and sunset!
  • stonesomg
    Not bad
  • fredaxie
    Better than you think. The scenery of paiyun Pavilion nearby is very beautiful, and the sunrise and sunset of Danxia peak are very good. Xihai Grand Canyon is nearby.