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The Paiyunlou Hotel (Paiyunlou Binguan) is located in the Xihai scenic area,  at the foot of the Dan Xia Apex of Huangshan's Western Sea Scenic Spot,  a must-see area for travelers going to the West Sea,  Flying Stone or Bright Peak.
Guests can spend their evenings at the hotel bar,  singing karaoke or using the sauna and massage center.[View Detail]         

住客评论 1811条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • doudou108
    Such conditions in the mountains I'm satisfied
  • e05720918
    Good, the mountain is quiet, watching the sunrise and watch the sunset Hotel down jacket,
  • andrea1003_feng
    Room was very clean, and bunk beds for six people, no toiletries, mountains, slap up a night almost
  • feverfever
    Nice hotel, just a bit wet
  • ccc0329
    Price/performance is not high
  • rainboat007
    Here is the best location to see Sunrise and sunset in Huangshan, from the danxia peak recently. the room a bit small.
  • wudi005582
    Known as 4 stars, just a guest house.
  • nimu7777
    Very good location, view and sure way to the Grand Canyon!
  • CISSY every night
    Hill, super expensive to eat
  • wx197054
    Location very good, is easy to watch sunrises and sunsets, clouds Pavilion and the danxia peak are very close
  • tennisbaby
    Really feel how, can say something on the line.
  • lg4120
    How do you say, convenient to the xihai Grand Canyon, sanitation ... ..., you cannot ask for, bed was too narrow, worried that turned a body fall. and Akira. use a hair-dryer, still have to pay a deposit of 100 Yuan.
  • lujin0017
    Very satisfied with conditions much better than imagined, with hot cotton. is bed Falcon bases of some loose.
  • e01973053
    6 people sharing power supplies do not have WiFi bathing very comfortable
  • daris
    Hotel location is very good, many people, the rooms are clean, but a little expensive! not very comfortable, and hot shower.
  • e03338522
    No stay
  • bali Bali
    OK, is the price of your Jue
  • jinger2007
    Hotel rooms on the mountain down jacket as it is does not require high
  • rj_xie
    Hotel is a bit old, carpets in the room was not very clean, bathtubs, overall was OK. restaurants on the mountain is very expensive.
  • lxuexiang
    Location good we morning once upon a mountain began climbed go go stopped stopped five o'clock in the afternoon just is most tired of when arrived hotel, location right. second days morning if to see Sunrise, as long as from Hotel behind to Shang climbed 15 minutes, back again wash starting, location is quite of good. hotel within dinner is your, but volume also is is foot of, points some home dish general price also can accept, especially rice 5 Yuan tube full, this for tired day of visitors for is maximum of meet. roomVery simple, but the water is very hot, this is sufficient. taking into account the limited room on the mountain, resources have to rely on human transport, although the price is expensive, overall is still quite satisfied!
  • llnei
    Nice, good location (near xihai Grand Canyon), room space, no smell, the bed was comfortable (is a bit small, sleeping with the girl is crowded), rain, fog, tiandoufeng must not be, leave a little regret to come again
  • alec_007
    Hotel is OK, facilities, and more than 1000 Yuan room don't even have a bathroom
  • cdsmc
    Five-star prices, Samsung's hotel. then again, did what all you on the mountain.
  • tonmjia
    Bad! please don't. more than 1000 hotels of more than more than more than 100 bucks. home and is greatly cut than one. but this convenient hotel to watch the sunrise.
  • linyi1
    4 dishes and a soup supper at the hotel, 245, enough. heating hot enough hotel rooms, room facilities in General, but so be it in the mountains
  • bdgmgm
    Good location, in the xihai Grand Canyon entrance, with the elderly and children, arrive exactly at noon clouds building, luggage, rest, eat lunch, then went to xihai Grand Canyon, not just tired.
  • bldmp
    More expensive
  • bubu713
    Overall good
  • scarlett1
    Friends like South-facing room, quickly changed with the front desk, very happy.
  • ninoable
    Hotel room facilities good, good WiFi signal, du Wei said only indoor is not bad, after all, small rooms, to pay attention to moisture. good location in danxia peak of Sunrise is very convenient, near xihai Grand Canyon.
  • e00136167
    3-bedroom, top good hotel, watching the Sunrise
  • layanye
    Good value for money also. which for one night.
  • banny_523
    Really expensive, a lot smaller than a mountain hot spring hotel room, high price for 1 time. But there is no other choice. Standard room is always booked solid state. we can only choose your. mountain restaurant is expensive, but also understand it, after all, things are very hard up.
  • jeffrey_529
    No breakfast but everything on the Hill picked Hill to pick up, hard to blame, others are fine, there is a point break good, toilet sanitation was not particularly clean
  • redeye
    Heater and down jackets, no supplies such as toothbrushes, is said to be after 10 Green Mountain hotel are cancelled. the price is very expensive, food is very high, two dishes and one soup to 241, the vegetables with the lowest 50 Yuan a share.
  • cxfsusan
    Just beside the row clouds Pavilion, the surrounding environment. service attitude is good, a bit unexpected. facilities are generally understandable.
    And we think it's great
  • Andy Xia
  • E04869344
    Well, from the xihai Grand Canyon close, easy play. provide disposable slippers, floor spacing, noise is not very good.
  • e00890798
    Hotel facilities good, watch the sunset better, xihai Grand Canyon
  • gcl2008
    From Huangshan North Gate close, is the better accommodation points of sunrise and sunset. facility slightly old, good service.
  • lxuexiang
    Can live in the mountain hotel, is very good!
  • meimorgan
    Well, unfortunately, stay two nights, go back and forth a lot of places. Unfortunately, the service was very good. we have added their own quilts, to the next day we put on a temperature controlled hot air machine.
  • lign88
    As a hotel of Huangshan mountain, its excellent location. Although the facilities at the hotel, but the service of good quality, for tourists to take a very warm feeling!
  • m00693256
    Overall pretty good, after all, in the mountains, and certainly not compared to Hill, if the bathroom a warm light better, take a bath too cold
  • andy771119
    Environment can be, from the xihai Grand Canyon is near.
  • alanyang0968058
    A convenient place on the mountain
    Well is a small
  • leo7238
    Hotel location is very good, near the xihai Grand Canyon, and the danxia peak, mountain accommodation is good.
  • leann
    Live of six people bed alone Wei, General is good of. no said of so small, after all is climbing also not live long, service will, bathroom is health, has hot. but Xia rainy day feel sheets not special clean. will on live slightly. night cold can open heating. If from cloud Valley Temple Shang, can live here, noon put luggage put has, in You Xihai Grand Canyon and flying stone a afternoon on easily has. because rain so didn't as Sunrise, but here away from danxia peak is near, see Sunrise also good. lightSunrise more than Ming.