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The Paiyunlou Hotel (Paiyunlou Binguan) is located in the Xihai scenic area,  at the foot of the Dan Xia Apex of Huangshan's Western Sea Scenic Spot,  a must-see area for travelers going to the West Sea,  Flying Stone or Bright Peak.
Guests can spend their evenings at the hotel bar,  singing karaoke or using the sauna and massage center.[View Detail]         

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  • layanye
    Good value for money also. which for one night.
  • banny_523
    Really expensive, a lot smaller than a mountain hot spring hotel room, high price for 1 time. But there is no other choice. Standard room is always booked solid state. we can only choose your. mountain restaurant is expensive, but also understand it, after all, things are very hard up.
  • jeffrey_529
    No breakfast but everything on the Hill picked Hill to pick up, hard to blame, others are fine, there is a point break good, toilet sanitation was not particularly clean
  • cxfsusan
    Just beside the row clouds Pavilion, the surrounding environment. service attitude is good, a bit unexpected. facilities are generally understandable.
    And we think it's great
  • E04869344
    Well, from the xihai Grand Canyon close, easy play. provide disposable slippers, floor spacing, noise is not very good.
  • e00890798
    Hotel facilities good, watch the sunset better, xihai Grand Canyon
  • m00693256
    Overall pretty good, after all, in the mountains, and certainly not compared to Hill, if the bathroom a warm light better, take a bath too cold
  • alanyang0968058
    A convenient place on the mountain
  • leann
    Live of six people bed alone Wei, General is good of. no said of so small, after all is climbing also not live long, service will, bathroom is health, has hot. but Xia rainy day feel sheets not special clean. will on live slightly. night cold can open heating. If from cloud Valley Temple Shang, can live here, noon put luggage put has, in You Xihai Grand Canyon and flying stone a afternoon on easily has. because rain so didn't as Sunrise, but here away from danxia peak is near, see Sunrise also good. lightSunrise more than Ming.
  • d04503229
    You get what you pay for!
  • scarlett01
  • EvaLo
    Overall not bad, is not easy to have this condition in the mountain, personally feel very good, did not expect in the mountains to hot bath.
  • cjswxt
    This hotel is a 6-bed room, think not good where sanitary conditions, but the price has been very good in Huangshan. recommended.
  • wgs302
    In this condition is pretty good on the Hill, bath is the separation of dry and wet, with special praise ... was very close to danxia feng, but heavy fog that day, from the xihai Grand Canyon is also very near, very good location!
  • fax2006
    Prices are super expensive, but you have no way. food or expensive, Greens 68, is still worth a visit! hotel complex is quite satisfied, hot water 24 hours, clean and tidy
  • alrale_xl
    Also expect in the mountains, rooms are small, the bed was small
  • Amilie
    Finally found a place to live in the mountains, nice place, prices are very favorable, accommodation on the mountain are mostly very expensive, people should be mentally prepared.
  • Li44444444
    61.02 billion do not live across what Abe particularly noisy, okay! the price and service is not
  • feislanw
    Environment is poor, renovation is too old, moldy booth, and even provided the toothbrush. services not. dinner is too expensive and awful. not the best attractions locations. next time, won't stay
  • b00269067
    The price is very expensive, poor conditions, Hill could not ask for much
  • triller
    Hotel is very good, although the room was small, but very clean, very convenient. is the hotel without prior notice to danxia Feng cannot see the sunrise in the morning, and got up early but didn't see anything
  • afalee
    Hotel rates are high, environment good, bed linen not every wash, can only take up the mountain.
  • e00768292
    Good location, but the Inn is hard to find, and some dirty. hardest to bear is good, if other guests are noisy, sleep not sleep, not suitable for leisure guests.
  • lx0532
    The hotel is very clean
  • d_duu
    Overall pretty good, after all, is a scenic hotel
  • country_mouse
    Although lived in 6 bed dorms ... But thought it was good ... Sheets were clean, bathroom is also very convenient for health, a public wardrobe, toiletries need their own ... Location was good, next to danxia feng and clouds-stand ... Overall satisfaction-
  • sindy322
    6 rooms, couldn't ask for more, but each area. to eat, someone snoring when sleeping ... bathroom no shower, hot water comfortable. 6 room there are also down to facilitate visitors to see the Sunrise, this is great!
  • peiyun6398
    Good location, facilities
  • e00861756
    Hilltop hotel, can't claim good, better than the mountain guest house, toilet odor.
  • VincentNJ
    Location is good, lived on the mountain to the hotel is very good, although 8 room a bit cramped, but it was clean, shower, hot water can guarantee service is also available, I feel pretty good, worthy of recommendation.
  • netorg
    Nice, perfect for watching the sunrise from very close to the Grand Canyon
  • sync82
    My parents traveled with, they were all very good, hotel on the Hill, and watching the sunrise and sunset are really good, but very expensive to eat, after all, is the man back up the Hill.
  • Pei love child
    Conditions on the mountain is not very good, would like to save money private room, if not booked in advance but no houses, rooms are small, wooden buildings hint mosquito, there is no way who let me take the kids, don't want to live many people bunk, also will be a late, it is acceptable.
  • FCRandy
    Hotel management, facilities, and services are not in place.
  • a4125075
    Clean is not human, check out storm can't coordinate, both old and young this poor Huangshan tour
  • bluesun
    The location is very good, to the Piedmont mountain, is the room is a bit small, and do not provide toothbrushes have to buy
  • polind70365
    Hotels in xihai Grand Canyon attractions intersection, ideally, the room is small but clean, is the soundproofing is poor.
  • camblj
    Good location, free 1 hour of light, the mountain more easily
  • sufferer160
    When cross-200 deposit, the result left back, hotel did not follow up, bad review
  • na001
    Very clean, service was OK. dryer is months, not always, hotel provides slippers and a down jacket.
  • anata414
    A very good environment, to rain a lot. of course, in addition to expensive or your rooms, double room is very expensive, but toiletries are charging.
  • larssonsweden
  • FernandoLIU
    Hotel location is very good, not far from the cloud Valley Temple and xihai Grand Canyon. Justice of the cableway station very close. the hotel's health is good.
  • e03151294
    Good location but hotel facilities are old, room was small, bed linen and towels are pale yellow, felt like haven't been washed clean.
  • cwj1107
    Hotel is very good, very clean, rooms at convenient location for, 12 o'clock noon arrival, dinner break, underlining the xihai Grand Canyon this afternoon!
  • c0p0l0
    Basic facilities, eating expensive, location for visitors from xihai Grand Canyon
  • cavinwoo
    Six rooms, with private bathroom. good roommates, mutual accommodation. health.