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cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan, huangshan paiyun travel is a super mid-range theme lifestyle hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is a young collection brand with sports health, arts and humanities, and a variety of life possibilities for parents and children. Huangshan cloud platoon brigade will be upgraded in December 2018, and will be put into trial operation in December 2020. After the transformation, there are 141 guest rooms, including more than 10 kinds of room types, such as Deluxe Suite, family suite, parent-child viewing room, deluxe viewing room, deluxe standard room, star room, three person walk, senior standard room, preferential standard room, capsule room, etc., and multiple indoor and outdoor shared interactive experience areas, such as multimedia space, interactive experience area, star living room, etc. The company aims to provide a lighter and more unrestrained living atmosphere for 'travel home', help tourists to understand and appreciate the mountains, establish the relationship between human and nature, and provide a relaxed, happy and free, natural and healthy lifestyle for every passenger. Mount Huangshan Pai Yun brigade is located in the elite scenic spot of Mount Huangshan, next to Danxia peak and Pai Yun Pavilion in the West Sea Scenic Area. Right next to the West Sea Grand Canyon is the ideal place to see sunrise, watch sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and explore the canyon. It is also a shortcut for tourists from Beihai scenic spot to the West Sea Grand Canyon, flying rock, Guangming top and other scenic areas, adjacent to the Taiping cableway, and the traffic is very convenient. Therefore, it has a good reputation of 'the mountains are full of ups and downs, the sea of clouds is like Penglai Fairy Island, the valleys are roaring, the pines are surging, and it is suspected that if you meet the Japanese dragon, you will be able to eliminate the clouds'.
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FAQs when booking at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan
  • How far is the hotel from HuangshanTunxi International Airport?

    cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • flowerw
    The environment is good, and the geographical location is suitable for a two-day tour, close to the Xihai Grand Canyon. The food prices in the restaurant are acceptable
  • e00076088
    The room is small and the sanitation is poor
  • Aprille
    The service was considerate and the price of meals was a little expensive
  • mydoraemon89
    The location of paiyun building is good. If you go up the mountain early from Yungu temple on the first day, you can check in before noon and challenge the Xihai Grand Canyon in the afternoon. The hotel's facilities and hygiene are all very good. The only thing is that there is little choice for breakfast. You can't eat one of 35. I feel it's small and expensive.
  • e00573397
    The hotel conditions in the scenic area are general, so we can only make do with it!
  • liumn9999
    The location is good. It's near the Xihai Grand Canyon Scenic spot. It's not too far to Danxia peak to watch the sunrise and sunset. Although the hotel is listed as a four-star hotel, the facilities are old and the service is good
  • geitatsu
    It's beautiful and clean. I'll go next time
  • daninbeijing
    It's the first time to stay on the mountain. There's no comparison, but the standard room price of 1220 is still too hot. There's no dental equipment to provide. The restaurant has dinner, 60 scrambled eggs with tomatoes, 50 shredded potatoes with green peppers, 70 spicy tofu, and the amount is sufficient
  • Amoy Crystal
    The hotel on the mountain can't be the same as that at the foot of the mountain. You can take a shower and stay for one night. Basically no service.
  • caidmpingan
    During the National Day Tour, the price is high, but the mountain has this condition, already very good, very satisfied
  • dongxiaoyan666
    The scenery is beautiful. The hotel on the mountain is very good
  • JoannaJiao
    The conditions on the mountain are limited. Materials are picked up manually. In the standard room, you can have a hot bath.
  • ameng85
    The location of the hotel is very good. From the paiyun building to the left is the paiyun Pavilion and Xihai scenic spot, and to the right are lion peak, stone monkey viewing the sea and Shixin peak. I had two meals in the hotel and felt good. It would be better if the room had WiFi.
  • ououwong
    Such a place feels OK!
  • liconggoodto
    I don't hope for the accommodation on the mountain all the time, but this time it's much better than I imagined, and it's still worth it!
  • alingyi
    The house is too old
  • Rreturn
    The mountain admiral is only one night, and his requirements are not high. The location is good and it is convenient to go to the surrounding scenic spots.
  • DRY2008
    It's very good on the top of Huangshan Mountain
  • desay6e
    It's very good, but the sound insulation is not good. The people in the nearby dormitory are so excited that we didn't sleep well. But I'm happy to see the sunrise
  • sn7413
    The service was up to standard. Help us change to a three person bed and provide down jackets
  • ciceroo
    Equipment difference equipment difference equipment difference equipment difference equipment difference
  • boat911
    On the mountain, it's already very good
  • L Tangchaolizai T
    The hotel is ideally located. It is less than ten minutes' walk from the Taiping cableway to the lower cableway. The hotel service is very good and the conditions are average, but it should be good on the mountain. The hotel is not far from Xihai Grand Canyon, Beihai and feilaishi, which is very suitable for multi day tour.
  • REVE456
    The location of the hotel is good! We are satisfied with the conditions on the mountain, and we have all the basic facilities. The room is also provided with a down jacket to watch the sunrise. A simple dish for dinner is 200 yuan for three people.
  • monicawenxin
    Not bad, recommended. You can watch the sunset and sunrise nearby.
  • e00861756
    The hotel at the top of the mountain is better than the guest house at the bottom of the mountain. The toilet is delicious. It's average
  • greatpan1
    The location is excellent. You can see Guangming Ding directly from the hotel lobby. It's very convenient to go out to Guangming Ding and Xihai Grand Canyon. Especially when you go to paiyun building to see the sea of clouds, one day you can go as you like, because the sea of clouds is unpredictable, and every time you see a different landscape. In the evening, you can watch the sunset at danxiafeng in a few minutes. Don't miss the sunset. Next time I bring my friends over, I'll stay here
  • LILI1239990
    If you can't go to Huangshan, you can't return the room. Let's admit defeat. So give me an average score. If you want to go in the future, you should give priority to those here.
  • telouyi
    The hygiene of beds in multi person rooms is better than expected~
  • panpan39
    On the top of Huangshan Mountain, the price of high and low berths is 238 yuan / night, which is the price on Saturday. The usual price is 120-135 yuan, so never stay on Saturday. If you have to live in the mountains, it is suggested that two people rent tents. The hotel on the mountain is really expensive! And the night we stayed, we found a cockroach, a spider and a mosquito. It is not recommended.
  • stawwc
    During the peak tourist season, the service attitude needless to say, it's called a bad one. Spend so much money to buy someone's smelly face. But the scenery of Huangshan is really good
  • Lu__DaiDai
    I heard it was good.
  • e02623165
    It is close to the entrance of Xihai Grand Canyon and Danxia peak. The latter can see the sunrise and walk for 15 minutes to the top of the mountain. It has a good geographical location and can see the sea of clouds in the North Sea at sunrise
  • doni_xu
    It's a room for six people. They get on and off the bed. The only regret is that they get on and off the bed very shaky. Six people can feel it when one person moves. I hope the hotel management will fix the bed... Everything else is good
  • LLLove
    No network
  • cao8888
    The room is very tidy and the bed is also very clean. A room for six people feels very lively. It's even better if they live with acquaintances.
  • stl100
    You can travel freely in Huangshan Mountain. Once upon a time, you climb Tiandu peak and go all the way to paiyun hotel. It's best to stay here at night. You don't take the wrong road. The time arrangement of one day's activities is reasonable. It's convenient to watch the sunrise and enter the Grand Canyon the next morning, and avoid tourist groups. Holiday hotels are cheap and clean, and meals are expensive. If you rent a hotel tent, it's about 200 yuan. You can also bring your own tent and pay a management fee of 30 yuan.
  • TOP59
    Very good
  • e03095097
    It's OK. It's good to have a bed for traveling
    The order is for three rooms. The sanitation is OK, but the room is small and the heating is not enough. It's a little cold to sleep at night!
  • Camelias
    The room is clean
  • alatime
    Pretty good. The hygiene was average, and no toiletries were provided. The carpet smells.
  • xxwwjia
    Yes, but it's too expensive
  • greentee2006
    The quilt cover, chentao, the bed sheet are not changed, and the quilt smells musty!
  • e04910225
    The hotel is near the paiyun building and at the entrance of the West Sea Grand Canyon. It is very close to feilaishi and danxiafeng. It provides disposable slippers and shower caps, but there is no disposable toothbrush. The room smells musty. The hotel staff have an average attitude. They only respond to you after asking a question for a long time. They are not very enthusiastic. The restaurant next to it tastes average. Breakfast is a set meal. There are not many kinds. If you go late, it will be gone, Only steamed bread is left, which is about the same size as the quick-frozen steamed bread sold in the supermarket, 10 yuan and 3 pieces
  • ldw89
    The room is not on the shady side of the main building. It is not very damp. There is a heating cover at night. The room for six people is very small and relatively clean. The room is not ready for a down jacket. The hair dryer needs to borrow a deposit of 100 from the building management. As long as it doesn't take too long, it won't charge. Generally speaking, it's OK. After all, it can't be compared with the hotel down the mountain
  • cafeson
    Go to a very good hotel in Huangshan. You should book it early. The sanitary water is good. Many people can stay late. It has good cost performance and price
  • candybear
    It's on the edge of Xihai Grand Canyon. It's the best place to live if you want to play Xihai Grand Canyon. Three people is actually a double room with an extra bed, but it's a good deal. There's heating in the house, but it's off at night. Other basic is the normal hotel level, breakfast is very expensive, remember to bring your own food.
  • e04597980
    Better than you think
  • dannysiu
    Five people set up a six person single bathroom. Although the space is small, it is very satisfied on the mountain. There are hot water, toilet and bath. The space utilization is reasonable. When you go out at night and see people sleeping in tents, you will feel very satisfied. It is not cold at night. You can put down things and climb the mountain during the day. There is hot water at night. As for noise insulation, you ignore it, After all, the mountain... Saw the sunrise, hehe
  • feier257
    The environment is good. The quilts on the mountain are too damp and uncomfortable. They are generally good
  • e02889987
    It's very good to live for the second time. It's very close to the Xihai Grand Canyon and very convenient
  • e01695610
    The hotel is in the West Sea, not far from the Grand Canyon. It's very convenient. There are six people living in it. The room is generally OK, and I can't insist on the hygiene of the beds. I've seen the hardships of the porters, and I can understand that they can't change every day. I can't be too particular when I come out to play