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The Paiyunlou Hotel (Paiyunlou Binguan) is located in the Xihai scenic area,  at the foot of the Dan Xia Apex of Huangshan's Western Sea Scenic Spot,  a must-see area for travelers going to the West Sea,  Flying Stone or Bright Peak.
Guests can spend their evenings at the hotel bar,  singing karaoke or using the sauna and massage center.[View Detail]         

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  • m00076387
    On quarter price a good deal
  • M05094851
    Lived in the third floor, hotel does not have a platform, Hill in the morning, rain, luckily under the noon sun, someone at noon in light clouds, fog in the Grand Canyon, through the Canyon tram to brighter, hotel location is good, very close to the night clouds Pavilion to see the stars, sunset, Super beauty ... Unfortunately later did not take
  • alonelyboat
    Is the bed, nothing in the mountains, after all, there is no way
  • Iplan
    Huangshan mountain environment is very good, hotel environment is good, destroyed in the reception is very poor, serious complaint No. 9.9 evening two women at the front desk.
  • elyseye
    So, relatively poor jade
  • dongrencai
    If you want to go and play xihai Grand Canyon, clouds building is very suitable, do not carry luggage to climb Canyon. Health is also good, and prepared a down jacket, you can watch the sunrise. In General, is also recommended.
  • gxy197
    Location is good, and watching the Sunrise is very convenient, hotel prices are reasonable
  • evilopp
    Just in time for summer, mountain hotel on nervous booking is more room, beds are not long enough, tall spread legs are not straight, make a night. Mountain Hotel said two or three days in advance.
  • I stars
    My wife and children Friday stay, in scenic central location very convenient, and reasonable price, service very good! next time
  • a916765
    Very wet, filthy down jacket goes WIFI didn't work in General, once upon a time on the mountain, go to tired to eat when things on the mountain are very expensive
  • claira
    Room was clean, neat, well, a little cold at night, but rooms have down jackets, on the go, so sweet
  • e00186963
    Should be described in the mountains could have such a clean shower 'dormitories', has been very good. the food prices are also likely. the only regret is that there's actually fail to see the sunrise.
  • biosong
    150 of bed also cannot luxury too more. need spit slot of is front desk service too poor, asked he hotel can take tent did, said cannot, let I to North Sea Hotel to take, to had Huangshan of Comrade are know North Sea and row cloud floor Zhijian has more far. later in West hotel take of, family security enthusiasm more has, 30 block money received of also reasonable, also provides hot, Comrade are to to Huangshan hotel also is dingxi sea hotel's
  • luxiyuan
    Smell is too big
  • baojuan1986
    Hotel is good, clean ... very intimate, thoughtful service
  • MR.JIA
    Hotel in good location, from behind the mountains, put down our luggage, directly to the xihai Grand Canyon, very convenient. hotel very clean. 2nd tour friends, is a good choice.
  • bailei747
    Take MOM to play waitress-MOM to get out of bed, facilities very good, very clean, watch the sunset, climb to the peak from the hotel 30 minutes slow climb
  • doubla-lo
    Words should be recommended for the location of the West Sea Hotel new building, after all, only 3 minutes walking distance between the two, clouds are too old, the service does not have.
  • Sunnydai
    Facilities are to be improved, especially the hair dryer in the room really was pretty speechless, is first with something so high-tech, room prices so high can't do improved facilities, service very good, if and the top of the hotel price is really not up to much.
  • maoannie
    Is an old your old your dorm
  • landylu
    ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • nevermind
    Hotel food too expensive for fried potato with a 50 Yuan, there are attendants of impatient tourists questions!
  • evangelinewang
    Overall pretty good, convenient, next time this
  • fafasl
  • e00808348
    In the mountains the hotel was expensive and bad, dad said if outside the maximum value of 10.
  • Pansion
    Well, a lot better than we think and that is Five or Six extra money
  • NN999
    Geographical advantages, things are more expensive on the Hill, some equipment such as a toothbrush, air conditioning, no, but because it was the mountains, cool without air conditioning.
  • awfulma
    Triple room, health and service was very good, location good, danxia peak to see the Sunrise, sunset. xihai Grand Canyon mountain in late October, come early!
  • titiguang
    Cabins assigned to the first floor, the room is not small, there is a folding bed bed if extra beds can not go to the bathroom, sleep almost to the ceiling with her head covered, night didn't slept well. would like to take a charge for dryer, and can only get the main building rooms, or a fee.
  • lwlong8118
    General General
  • e00465372
    Hotel is located near xihai Grand Canyon, the Sunrise, the sunset is very convenient
  • ligangwang759
    A little expensive, scenic can also understand, in short, can also
  • jx123jx
    Location a bit farther north, the fear of many mountain roads can be settled, but facility is to force, thanks to the heat of the day for me to dry wet clothes; beds and bedding are good, clean and comfortable.
  • e00158694
    Hotel thing your dead your dead, environment, but rain and didn't see the Sunrise
  • e00335501
    All matter in the mountains need manual delivery, so one can bathe, sleep, and so clean, what's good service and nice hotel evaluation
  • window00
    Overall OK
  • francis wen
    Although many people but the environment to be clean no odor-
  • lixiaoyu
    Comparative benefit, after all, is good in the area live in a room, watching the Sunrise is easy. but because there are no toiletries are somewhat entangled. recommend to friends with a good bathroom.
  • boboliy
    More than 1000 more of room, estimated not to 12 a square, dinner price to than usually your 5 times times. Mountain accommodation to has psychological prepared. but, see mountain Shang of pick mountain workers so hard, not only to put eat of with of pick up, also to put garbage again pick down, and climbed has day of mountain, back hotel can wash a hot bath, again sleep Shang a sleep, these on are can accept has.
  • Lost.
    Everything was clean and professional. Fast Food available was great, 3 steamed buns for 10Y was a nice treat to warm us up after hiking in the rain!
  • balse
    The room's too expensive, wash inside with no, breakfast is not included, breakfast volume 68, Hey, no way 1 is to be killed on the mountain, but is said to need porters to pick up, but it also is expensive, not worth
  • bao3808
    Very general, bed not very comfortable.
    Hotel location is very convenient
    Room smell too heavy, but shower facilities very good
  • finleyWu
    One of the better hotels in the mountains. get up early in the morning light on stand up here more convenient. wore down jackets are also available for guests to the mountain for guests to very considerate, very intimate.
  • anita.xiao
    Day three, 913 slightly more expensive, but the good news is not crowded with other people. Facilities are old, slightly wet on the mountain, so my mom says the mountain is super good. She was 20 years ago, Pakistan Bala, anyway, it's OK. Go day rain, start of 1 o'clock in the afternoon to sleep until the next day at 6 in the morning, it's back!
  • JOJO516
    Room only the mattresses, also charges extra toiletries, bedding is not a one-for, there was hot water bath, towel rental, there are free in cupboard down jacket you can wear
    Often go to Huangshan stay clouds building for the first time, does not recommend this hotel, hotel service so I can hehe,
  • ljteresa
    Variety of material on the mountain, we stayed in triple room, hot water, air tube, free jacket location away from the row of booths and the danxia peak near Sunrise and sunset, have it. but the hotel services and facilities are not asking for too much ...
  • e03206394
    View from the mountain, and the best option for going to the West Valley, won't have to go a lot of places, if you live in the North Sea, light would have a headache. tourist season, many people, the room is no problem. his family's restaurant is also very good, and praise one!