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cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan, huangshan paiyun travel is a super mid-range theme lifestyle hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is a young collection brand with sports health, arts and humanities, and a variety of life possibilities for parents and children. Huangshan cloud platoon brigade will be upgraded in December 2018, and will be put into trial operation in December 2020. After the transformation, there are 141 guest rooms, including more than 10 kinds of room types, such as Deluxe Suite, family suite, parent-child viewing room, deluxe viewing room, deluxe standard room, star room, three person walk, senior standard room, preferential standard room, capsule room, etc., and multiple indoor and outdoor shared interactive experience areas, such as multimedia space, interactive experience area, star living room, etc. The company aims to provide a lighter and more unrestrained living atmosphere for 'travel home', help tourists to understand and appreciate the mountains, establish the relationship between human and nature, and provide a relaxed, happy and free, natural and healthy lifestyle for every passenger. Mount Huangshan Pai Yun brigade is located in the elite scenic spot of Mount Huangshan, next to Danxia peak and Pai Yun Pavilion in the West Sea Scenic Area. Right next to the West Sea Grand Canyon is the ideal place to see sunrise, watch sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and explore the canyon. It is also a shortcut for tourists from Beihai scenic spot to the West Sea Grand Canyon, flying rock, Guangming top and other scenic areas, adjacent to the Taiping cableway, and the traffic is very convenient. Therefore, it has a good reputation of 'the mountains are full of ups and downs, the sea of clouds is like Penglai Fairy Island, the valleys are roaring, the pines are surging, and it is suspected that if you meet the Japanese dragon, you will be able to eliminate the clouds'.
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FAQs when booking at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan
  • How far is the hotel from HuangshanTunxi International Airport?

    cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • sync82
    My parents traveled with, they were all very good, hotel on the Hill, and watching the sunrise and sunset are really good, but very expensive to eat, after all, is the man back up the Hill.
  • mirandatigger
    Hotel location is very good, the lobby is beautiful, five-star service at the front desk. but like a health.
  • www324
    It's OK. The price is a little expensive, but it's the only condition on the mountain!
  • bora236
    Located in the West Sea scenic area, if you want to go to the xihai Grand Canyon, near the North entrance is near here, Pai Yun Ting around 100 meters. maze of rooms a bit to get here, is really a row of, is the building's stairs, we find 4 opening room takes some effort. moisture is relatively large, can smell in the staircase. Room was clean, but no heating, and raining the day we didn't come here, clothes do not. at 4 o'clock in the afternoon take a bathHou, exhaust fan always on, check out the next day, the bathroom floor is watery. Mountain temperatures are low, no air conditioning, can also be covered with a thick quilt at night, but the daughter was bitten 3 night package. There is also a down jacket, you can go to see the sunrise. but there is no umbrella. Seen in the mountain porters, sent each hotel bed linen to wash, to know, 200-300 kind of rooms bed linen is washed half a month, there's a month to wash,Standard room is said to be a one-for, in that case, the price is worth it.
  • dudulangjane
    Sounds good to me
  • ace_david
    On the mountain and that
  • bisft
    Friends book, OK, compared to facilities, however, the price is more expensive, but have no other choice!
  • gaojianjun
    The room's disposable goods to buy, humidity, still can live, close to the Xihai Grand Canyon, from the north mountain to the mountain accommodation convenient
  • TENGTENG2000
    Environmental, health or make do with. Mountain accommodation is expensive.
  • caoyan1979
    Room was good health get well
  • sallyxdy
    The location is very good
  • allanwei8088
    Next to the xihai Grand Canyon, great location
  • fsc0810
    The location is good, the room is old and sanitary
  • d04181724
    Very good.
  • sutae
    I'm quite satisfied. The location is close to the sea of clouds and the setting sun
  • frostbjm
    The location of the hotel is good, very close to Xihai Grand Canyon. The sanitation and facilities are average, but it's rare in the mountains. The service was fairly good. It's also a recommended hotel.
  • anonly
    Festival set has 2 between standard room, but facilities not as, a between wash supplies complete, another a between is no, but room also is warm, consider to mountain Shang of conditions, plus climbed has day of mountain also tired has, also on not care has. in restaurant eat has dinner and breakfast, meals is delicious, is a word-your, consider to this is mountain Shang, can't and mountain Xia than, General also is satisfaction of.
  • danli
    Ring well, after all, in the mountains, things are back up, prices can also be understood.
  • fff19
    Hotel is located in the West entrance of the Grand Canyon, from the Taiping cable close. hotel location is good, there is really nothing else to say. facilities standards up is Samsung, no elevator to go upstairs, climbed one mountain, back to the hotel to climb several floors, old friends should be considered. room's soundproofing was poor, the snoring next door, voice the sound of sounds.
  • futuring
    Expensive, small, Hill can't
  • Afrageng
    Location good, other General, price is too expensive!
  • lovejoe
    hygiene? This is also the facility of the guest house at the foot of the mountain. Before I sat down, I saw body hair on the bed and tea stains on the quilt of the other bed. Because I'll stay one night and make do with it. It's a good location, just below Danxia peak.
  • dboy1
    Hilltop hotel with beautiful scenery of Huangshan is really magnificent will come again
  • tonyuen
    Hotel on the Hill can't mountain, scenery is good!
  • e00145614
    Services for passengers considered. for me canceled a late reservation.
  • Sammigy
    Five star? The standard room of 660 yuan is not as good as the ordinary room of 105 yuan. There is no WF in the room. I have to run to the hall to get on. I can't stand running up and down. I can't get on at all. I have to use a converter to plug the room. I have to pay a deposit of 100 yuan to borrow it. It's very inconvenient. Don't tell me that the service on the top of the mountain is so poor! Early in the morning, I went up the mountain by cableway and climbed to the top with my luggage. I was tired. I went into the hotel and discussed with the front desk. I told the person on the ground floor that there was no room. Let me climb the fourth floor. It was still the bottom room. It was almost noon. There was no waiter in the lobby. I didn't even have a guide (where is the room). Let alone someone would carry your luggage. Put down your luggage for a trip, and then climb the stairs when you come back. The fire ah, in short regret chose paiyunlou hotel. When I went back to the hotel in the afternoon, I saw a young manager on the second floor who was very serious. I only saw that he would take the guests to the room. Even if I complained to him, he would accept it quietly. In the evening, he took manager Xu of the marketing department to the door to express his apology. After caring, manager Xu specially took care of the security guard and helped me carry my luggage when I checked out tomorrow. The complaint in his heart was immediately eliminated in half. Thank you, manager Xu! To serve customers well is not only for managers to do well, but also to educate employees to do well together. The service industry should be active and take the initiative. When customers see that they have luggage, they should help to carry it. When they don't see the same thing, climbing so high to stay in your hotel is to enjoy, not to exercise.
  • tony_joyce
    Compared with yupinglou, it's not really clean. The location is OK. Next to it is Xihai Grand Canyon. It's convenient to live in the back mountain
  • e02504516
    Go back to College
  • tiny999999
    Originally, I thought that the conditions of multi person beds would be very poor. I didn't expect that there were only six beds in one room. Moreover, because of the rain, there were only four people in the room. The bathroom and hot water were very good. As soon as the house on the mountain poked out the window, I could see the mountain peak. Zan Oh's only disadvantage was that the bed was a little hard, but after putting a quilt on it, there was no problem
  • jyx9119
    The conditions of the old hotel on the top of the mountain are not as bad as expected. It's no problem to sleep one night. Personally, I think the best hotels at the top of Huangshan Mountain are Xihai, paiyun building, Shizilin and Beihai. If you climb the front mountain, you can also consider Baiyun. PS. don't book a big bed room. I ordered a big bed room. The location is poor and the smell of mildew is very heavy. The front desk told me that there are only 9 big beds, and the situation is similar. Later, I changed to a standard room, which is much better. There is basically no smell of mildew, and the bedding is not wet.
  • e01372671
    Room size is OK, still in the mountains, no one-time items, towels, bath towels, it is recommended that visitors bring their own toiletries. bad room sound insulation, 10 points down and upstairs a group of noisy to the point of almost 12, don't fall asleep until after the fight.
  • im_clx
    Clean, hot water enough dorm also prepared plenty of down jackets, far more than expected
  • auroraer
    Hotels in General!
  • daisy_0824
    Very clean, very good location, very good facilities, good value for money
  • cappucc
    It's clean. The interior window can't accept it
  • BJ lang
    Watch the sun rise.
  • Firebug
    The second check-in, a little old, but there is no way in the mountains
  • M05751400
    Hotels in Huangshan have this level, the price is high and normal, but the service level should be up to a higher level. For example, you can't put up the room account for breakfast, and you have to pay the deposit in cash. Learn about the service process of star hotels in big cities
  • ivylo
    No comparison, feel a bit expensive!
  • jeewang
    Damp, with a musty smell
  • leidian2006
    Location is good, near xihai Grand Canyon and the danxia peak, because more room on the first floor, rooms musty heavy pillows a bit sticky, 10.6 days earlier was fortunate to see the beautiful scenery of the Sunrise, xihai Grand Canyon, happy, conditional, it is recommended that standard or triple. we three rooms on the third floor is very good.
  • jylinxi
    The environment is very good. At the top of the mountain, you can go to the Grand Canyon Guangming peak Danxia peak
  • Pei love child
    Conditions on the mountain is not very good, would like to save money private room, if not booked in advance but no houses, rooms are small, wooden buildings hint mosquito, there is no way who let me take the kids, don't want to live many people bunk, also will be a late, it is acceptable.
  • e00149613
    Quilt a musty, recommended to rent a tent to sleep.
  • Caddy
    It is near the west channel Valley, but the accommodation is ordinary
  • bobomay
    The location is very good and comfortable, but the self-help traveler service in Huangshan at the foot of the mountain is very good. It is recommended to live in their house at the foot of the mountain, and the food tastes good. The top of the mountain is really expensive
  • sweet_candy
    Heavy rain, wet, slap up a night
  • gxy197
    Location is good, and watching the Sunrise is very convenient, hotel prices are reasonable
  • attract89
    Scenery is beautiful
  • angle0526
    Feel very comfortable accommodation, services and clean. in the room watching the Sunrise is very convenient, hotel high above sea level, so the scenery very well. also provides winter coat. disadvantage is that there is no supply of cleaning supplies.
  • lisuya
    Good location of the hotel, xihai Grand Canyon is in close proximity, service is friendly, next time you go live.
  • m01341428
    Rooms are clean, quilts and the like is good ... next time I should stay
  • jolene10
    Good location, small rooms.
  • colin1105
    Just below the danxia peak, is near. good. There is heating and warm.
  • tamino
    The hot water is hot enough, the facilities are old, the scenery is good, the others are average, the bed is too small
  • lifan
    The conditions are OK. I'm tired to climb up with my luggage! It's convenient to visit the Grand Canyon.
  • andy841220
    Hotel too old, too old, on the mountain of same grade Hotel ought to be better, price is about the same.
    Sunrise and sunset can not be seen, the location is OK, it is a rest station
  • Elena123
    You can't force anything on the mountain,
    It's the best time for a donkey to sleep in the same room. No one smokes or makes noise
  • tongtongxinxin1
    Hotel is most near danxia peak and West Grand Canyon of has, location best. health situation also can, occasionally can smell to fishy taste, carefully find and no has. morning see Sunrise, although only 15 minutes, but on yesterday has climbed has day of people for, also is some hard, because after all is mountain. see Sunrise does not necessarily more high more good, most main of is sight no block. If you live here, the mountain came down the mountain, 2nd with xihai Grand Canyon, lightTop requires climbing two pressure Alexander and the next day had bypassed the celestial capital peak. Overall nice place.
  • yebao
    A two-day tour this is a good choice, may rain more, is a little damp, understandably, service attitude is good ... will stay again.
  • EvaLo
    Overall, it's pretty good. It's not easy to have such conditions on the mountain. I feel very good. I didn't expect to have a hot bath on the mountain.
  • aryuyo
    Which is very nice
  • m00194679
    That's probably the way it is on the mountain. The new decoration of Xihai hotel should be good.
  • lele050708
    Overall, it's not bad. I've been to Huangshan three times. This time, there are many people and they are all family members. In order to save money, I chose a room for six people. Ha ha, it's OK, but the meal is too expensive
  • bear84
    Pretty good
  • acily2010
    It's just a few hours' sleep on the mountain. It's not too demanding. It's acceptable to have a slight odor anyway.
  • cavinwoo
    It's a room for six people with a separate bathroom. Roommates are good, accommodating each other. Sanitation is OK.
  • e00870587
    Hotels in Huangshan on good, cost-effective, feeling better than West, room OK
  • Caroltang
    Conditions at the top of the mountain, it's pretty good ... but standard rooms extra bed was in the middle of Luo, even without a mat, down!
  • bondino
    6 room too small
  • alexlee0316
    Location very good, special for from Hou mountain mountain of passenger, can first put luggage down, again to West, save many physical. price does is your has points, and facilities also compared old, but these problem in mountain Shang should are is normal of's. Hotel most insufficient of is room in even bathing dew, shampoo, toothpaste, basic of washing supplies are no, we to burden, wants to with hotel in must will has equipped with, but,
  • emiliewl
  • petpet1
    The location of the hotel is very good, the distance to each scenic spot is very close, and the environment is also very good
  • viivianluo
    Climb of a mountain day is like lying on a comfortable bed, and results that create a bed that is wire! don't even have a comfortable layer! a Turn creak to the sea with ECHO! night no sleep, tortured suffering! believe live people will never come to live!
  • coolsunsun
    It's cleaner than you think
  • baobaobird
    Total also said that good, that is, no shampoo in the bathroom cleanser disposable items such as toothpaste ~