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Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel, cloudfun collection paiyun hotel Huangshan is a super mid-range theme lifestyle hotel of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is a young collection brand with sports health, arts and humanities, and a variety of life possibilities for parents and children. Huangshan cloud platoon brigade will be upgraded in December 2018, and will be put into trial operation in December 2020. After the transformation, there are 141 guest rooms, including more than 10 kinds of room types, such as Deluxe Suite, family suite, parent-child viewing room, deluxe viewing room, deluxe standard room, star room, three person walk, senior standard room, preferential standard room, capsule room, etc., and multiple indoor and outdoor shared interactive experience areas, such as multimedia space, interactive experience area, star living room, etc. The company aims to provide a lighter and more unrestrained living atmosphere for 'travel home', help tourists to understand and appreciate the mountains, establish the relationship between human and nature, and provide a relaxed, happy and free, natural and healthy lifestyle for every passenger. Mount Huangshan Pai Yun brigade is located in the elite scenic spot of Mount Huangshan, next to Danxia peak and Pai Yun Pavilion in the West Sea Scenic Area. Right next to the West Sea Grand Canyon is the ideal place to see sunrise, watch sunset, enjoy the sea of clouds and explore the canyon. It is also a shortcut for tourists from Beihai scenic spot to the West Sea Grand Canyon, flying rock, Guangming top and other scenic areas, adjacent to the Taiping cableway, and the traffic is very convenient. Therefore, it has a good reputation of 'the mountains are full of ups and downs, the sea of clouds is like Penglai Fairy Island, the valleys are roaring, the pines are surging, and it is suspected that if you meet the Japanese dragon, you will be able to eliminate the clouds'.
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FAQs when booking at Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from HuangshanTunxi International Airport?

    Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel is 47.1km from the airport.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny1488, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • bdwjc
    Good location, considerate and meticulous service
  • Li44444444
    6102 don't live. There's a lot of noise in the technical safety department opposite. Everything else is OK! The price is not equal to the service
  • luxiyuan
    Too musty
  • e01102779
    Didn't go to live, the ticket was wasted!
  • mcy_jj
    The location of the hotel is good. Unfortunately, the weather in Huangshan was not good on the 29th. I didn't see the sunset and sunrise
  • gaocanyy
    No teeth, everything else is OK
  • cyfboy
    I've booked a single room for six people for my friends. I heard they regret it. It's better to have a single room
  • cafe00
    Good location. The road to Guangming summit. The air on the mountain is good and quiet
  • liyan0504
    Generally speaking, it's not bad, but the sound insulation is not good. I can hear the sound from the next room and can't sleep
  • samyang
    OK, the location is good, but the wireless network does not have full coverage!
  • franceslatte
    In order to save money, I lived in a house for six people. It smelled. The toilet facilities were also very bad. I didn't sleep well all night!
  • fuplus
    It's just average.
  • g14354
    just so so
  • danpio
    In this way, the hotel has no other advantages with the help of the advantages of time and place! Close!
  • m04654121
    Living in a cost-effective place on the mountain is not far from the north entrance of Xihai Grand Canyon. It's good to watch the sunset at Danxia peak nearby. If you want to see the sunrise, you'd better walk half an hour to the cool platform. It takes more than an hour to climb to Guangming top. The road is steep. It's not recommended to go there. The room is very warm, with bathroom and hot water, and you can rent down jacket
  • fengling119
    There is enough hot water. It's good to provide hair dryer and down jacket. The room is on the top floor. It's not convenient without an elevator. Under the quilt is the mattress. There is no sheet. For some reason, there are small insects on the bed. No toiletries.
  • monicandy
    The price is cheap, the service is considerate, clean and bright. Adults and children are very satisfied. In the afternoon, I went to Hongcun, and the front desk of the hotel arranged to carpool with people, which saved a lot of money. In the evening, we arranged the route explanation, and also bought tickets and cableway tickets, which saved a lot of things. Aunt clean also borrowed a climbing stick for us. The bus ticket to Hangzhou was also ordered in the hotel, and the driver picked it up to the station. Thank you very much! I ate several meals in the hotel, and I was very satisfied. Wish the hotel business better and better
  • yoyosansui
    Between six people, the bed is clean, there is hot water to take a bath, watch the sunrise and down jacket. It's good
  • lx0532
    The hotel is clean
  • dream128
    The sunset and sunrise are very convenient, very close to the beautiful Xihai Grand Canyon
  • bingbao78
    There are four bedrooms in the room and eight people live in and out of bed. It is wet, dark and airless. In the face of the rainstorm that morning, all the residents are almost wet. They are hung with wet clothes, wet socks and all kinds of instant noodles. From morning to night, the room is full of the roar of hair dryers. The quilt and pillow are wet, giving off an unspeakable musty smell, and I don't know when to replace them. At the peak of Huangshan Mountain in the peak season, every inch of land is worth every inch of gold, but the price of 147 yuan per bed is close to 600 yuan per room. Why can't we achieve the basic health standard of more than 100 yuan Jinjiang Star?
  • liupeng2003
    The conditions on the mountain are almost... But at least wash the sheets( That bed is very dirty
  • e00860634
    It's nice to have such an environment on the mountain
  • Alex_et
    The accommodation conditions of the hotel are average and the hotel is clean. The surrounding environment is good.
  • anjinganna
    Generally speaking, it's too expensive to catch up with the holiday. It's almost like an ordinary Express Hotel
  • baiye10jun
    The sheets and toilets are dirty. There is really no sanitation and service! However, accommodation on the mountain is generally more expensive and can only make do with it!
  • e01244184
    Not bad. The conditions on the mountain are hard. The hotel facilities are basically complete. I will book this one next time I go up the mountain..
  • wudi005582
    Known as four stars, it's just a guest house.
  • guomi
    It's convenient to go to Xihai Grand Canyon
  • lili_110813
    It's very strong, mixed with a musty smell. I left a phone when I ordered the hotel, but the front desk attendant said there was no phone. After going up the mountain that day, because of the heavy rain and poor visibility, we almost couldn't find the location of the hotel. We called to ask the location of the hotel, and then the hotel staff told us that you could ask other people. Anyway, the attitude is also indifferent. If you go there later, you won't be sure about this one.
  • julianatang
    There is only mattress in the room, and there is an extra charge for toiletries. Bedding is not changed every time. Instead, there is hot water to take a bath, towel to rent, and free down jacket to wear in the cabinet
  • comte
    Generally speaking, you can't be too picky when living in the mountains
  • NaiveBB
    The sunset can be seen at the 100m paiyun Pavilion near the hotel, and the sunrise can be seen at Danxia peak. The hotel room has prepared down jackets for guests. We don't have to carry so many windbreaker this season. Have a nice trip ~
  • MO spot
    The room smelled of mildew and insects, which was inconsistent with the price of more than 1000.
  • seasonyam
    The hotel is on the top of the mountain. The conditions are good. There are enough water heaters. It is very convenient to go down the mountain. One rainy day, the room was a little damp and a little smelly. Good service. The price is OK at the top of the mountain.
  • icycold
    It's a lot better than I thought after reading the review. The room is small but orderly. The bathroom in the bathroom is white and comfortable. You can drink hot water or cool it. Pour it into an empty bottle and drink it the next day_ Danxiafeng paiyunting West Sea entrance is nearby, very convenient_ We all come to play in the mountains. We live together only when we are predestined. We take a bath and have a rest early. We have a good sleep. The next morning, we get up to watch the sunrise??????
  • betty0203
    The room is so small, the service is OK. It's a good choice to watch the sunrise at Danxia peak
  • e00244256
    The hotel facilities on the mountain are poor! Also expensive
  • jane9629
    The service was quite good, the room was clean and tidy, and they could answer questions outside the hotel, which was very good.
  • baober
    The hot water is great. I'm tired after climbing the mountain. Generally speaking, the restaurant nearest to Xihai Grand Canyon has a good meal
  • awesome P
    It is located in a good location, adjacent to Taiping cableway and about 1 hour's walk from Yungu cableway. Friends of the same trade booked a single reservation of 135 yuan /, which was noisy. We booked a double bed room. The room was fairly clean. We had to bring our own washing supplies. It was pretty good overall.
  • e00088460
    Although paiyunlou hotel has high and low beds, everything is new. Very good! The hot water is really hot. There seem to be 4-5 power sockets. WiFi doesn't.
  • duxiaofei1000
    The environment is average, I feel very cold.
  • jinger2007
    The hotel has down jacket. As for the room, it's like that on the mountain. It can't be high
  • e03293634
    The environment is average, but because it is on the mountain, it is difficult to transport materials, and the environment is still acceptable! The waiter's attitude is too general! The multi room bed is smaller! A tall bed looks cramped!
  • tldw369
    Behind the cloud expelling building is danxiafeng. It is convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset. There is an independent bathroom in the room. The bathroom is large and clean, but the quilt feels a little damp.
  • jojo_70
    The environment is good. It's clean and tidy. The quilt should not be changed every day. That is to say, other people have covered it, so it's a little smelly! But I can't afford the standard room without money, so I have to make do with it!
  • e01405374
    The hotel on Huangshan Mountain has a good environment. It goes up the mountain in the back and down the mountain in the front. The hotel has a free down jacket. It's in the room wardrobe. It can keep out the cold sooner or later. The lobby manager is very good. He saw me limping down and provided safflower oil for free. It takes a lot of physical strength to go down the mountain. If ciyunge can take a cable car, it must not hurt money. Sit as you should. I climbed down the mountain for more than 8 hours, and my knees were wasted. It hurt like hell.
  • net_bug
    The hotel on the mountain should not be too demanding
  • fbleecn
    There is plenty of hot water. It's very comfortable to climb the mountain and take a bath. The room is also equipped with a down jacket. It's very considerate.
  • jonalic
    It's a nice environment, which adds a lot to the beautiful scenery.
  • larssonsweden
  • Scarlettgj
    The surrounding environment is good!
  • Lynn_Lee
    On the mountain, the environment of the hotel is OK, but it's a little rough. It's very close to Danxia peak. It's convenient to see the sunrise, but it's a little far from Guangming peak. If the route is not well planned, there may be some turning back
  • George-Pang
    The upper and lower bunks are pretty good, just like the photos, but they are a little expensive at ordinary times
  • lwd38100
    The hotel has excellent location, equipment and old wine. Just sleep
  • ccbpororo
    The service attitude of the hotel is poor, and there are no free toiletries. The bed is very small, but after all, there is a lack of resources on the mountain. It is understandable, but I hope the service attitude needs to be improved
  • alextsao2010
    It's OK. Living in the mountains can't be too demanding. It's OK on the whole.
  • taodansugar
    How can I say that this big hotel doesn't have laundry and drying service
  • e04232177
    The location is good. There is no need to queue up to check in on May Day. There are many TV channels. It's not boring to go back to the hotel after dark. There is also a waterproof coat in the wardrobe, which can be worn at sunrise. It's very considerate. The only disadvantage is that there is no air duct in the room. Although the attendant who calls to borrow the air duct will send it to the room soon, the horsepower of the air duct is very poor. It will stop in five minutes, and it will take at least another hour to blow. On the day of mountaineering, the whole body is wet and can't blow. It's very inconvenient and should be strengthened.
  • defier_dw
    The multi person single bathroom room is small but clean. The decoration is also good. The price on the mountain is also reasonable. It is recommended to stay