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Huangshan: relying on the 'travel +' on the fast track

Date: 2019-07-19

Tangkou town along the huangshan city in anhui huangshan mountain village village branch of the sign, the car slowly on winding up of the cement road.Soon, the south, next to the babbling Brooks, a home stay facility are greeted by the name of "cloud"."Holiday room reservation has been ranked the" May Day "holiday next year, we became a 'web celebrity home stay clock."Home stay goodwife Cheng Xinfeng with smile ying ying said.

Tangkou town village is located in the eastern gate of huangshan mountain bifurcation.From open shop in the gate, and then to a farmhouse, hotels, hotel and home stay facility, Cheng Xinfeng business with the upgrade of huangshan tourism development.Today, huangshan city has more than 2000 of a home stay facility, new forms of tourism, bring on huangshan city tourism "and" new starting point, like Cheng Xinfeng relying on huangshan mountain villagers developed more and more.

In 2018, huangshan scenic area 3.38 million tourists, on revenues of nearly 3 billion yuan."Bigger and stronger business at the same time, the huangshan scenic area" go down the mountain, go out "strategy, promote huangshan tourism" second venture "."Huangshan Wu Wenda deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, the huangshan scenic area management committee, said the scenic area of cableway, hotels, travel agencies, tourist development wisdom, boost tourism economy climbed the peak.

As hangzhou yellow high-speed rail traffic, huangshan tourism toll continued to climb.Passengers in and out of mount huangshan is easier to get, how to keep tourists, avoid tourists "come quick walk too fast"?

Huangshan city, in accordance with the "appropriate melt is, can melt all" principle, further implement the strategy of "travel +", promoting the development of tourism and related industry integration.

Based on hui culture forms a living culture, huangshan city actively promote brigade fusion, to promote the brigade, made to the article.In huangshan tunxi district sincerely in lane, every year there are more than 200 performances, are the traditional culture of huizhou, and offer the scattered around the folk culture.At the same time, this also is in line with the domestic first-line fashion culture, the introduction of the festival, such as craft beer festival form gather popularity.Sincerely in lane project director, told reporters that thanks to the rich "content", "tour of huangshan, berth at night sincerely" gradually from ideas into reality.

"Travel + agriculture", "travel + sports"...Huangshan city to speed up the tourism industry from the traditional sightseeing to leisure complex shift, speed up the development of both local characteristics and elements of fashion of new forms of tourism, new products, new products, such as traditional blocks, hiking routes, master of intangible heritage project showcase, etc., to attract visitors to experience.

"Now, huangshan scenic area of passenger flow, only about a third of the city.Huangshan city by promoting tourism and sports, sightseeing, pension, the combination of tourism comprehensive benefits and improved."Huangshan municipal party committee secretary Ren Zefeng said.

Huangshan tourism become the leader of anhui tourism accelerated rise.With the aid of high iron age of dongfeng, huangshan city also accelerate the integration with the outside world, to open a new industrialized road.

Industry is not strong, the industrialization level is not high was the development of huangshan.For this purpose, the huangshan city is focused on the industrial development, to implement the transformation and upgrading of industrial planning, develop green food, automotive electronics, green soft packing and other characteristics of leading industry, on the tea industry, fishing industry introduced a number of large enterprises, changed the past to rely on tourism industry development situation of the "solo".

As the Yangtze river delta rises for national strategy, integration and the resulting traffic convenient conditions such as connectivity, huangshan into the fast track of development.Figures show that in recent 3 years, huangshan city introduction of project 785, Yangtze river delta accounted for 57% of the total project."We need to focus on building and Shanghai but the high-end industrial supporting fusion of modern industrial system, speed up the formation and complementary to the Yangtze river delta industry coordinated development pattern."Huangshan city investment promotion bureau of sheng-li li said.